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Congratulations to Antonin Scalia on doing the first thing he's ever done to make this country better

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I wonder if the "counsel" Clinton's received from Kissinger includes "if someone like Sanders is elected, overthrow them in a military coup"

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@cbloggy We are working to emulate McLaughlin's legislation here, e.g. by running candidates like the other person you didn't name.

2 days ago

@cbloggy McLaughlin passed legislation in Richmond; why not write about solutions instead of pretending nothing can be done for victims?

2 days ago in reply to cbloggy

Do #Bernie supporters know he has an older brother with better politics?…

3 days ago

Remember these names, who just dumped the exec dir of the CA Coastal Commission as a gift to developers & drillers…

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I can absolutely understand why @SFist chooses TwoDollars over me. Maybe I should call people morons more often

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Only Name Area Man Recognizes On Ballot 'Jill Stein' via @TheOnion

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How activists got Black Lives Matter sign into the hands of Beyoncé's dancers #Justice4MarioWoods #BlackLivesMatter

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  We haven't posted in a while, but don't worry--we haven't been indefinitely detained, yet.

Local campaigns for 2012 are just getting underway:  keep watching our events list for campaigns, rallies ,and meetings.

And of course, the presidential campaign is in full swing.  While the corporate media have been focusing on Santorum and other candidates of the 1%, little attention has been given to Green Party candidates such as Jill Stein.  Partisan Democrat bloggers are gearing up to spend the year hyping Obama and attacking those who discuss alternative strategies.  As usual, Glenn Greenwald has good coverage of this, although he mentions the strategy of building 3rd parties only in passing.