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#GreenParty Presidential Candidate Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry… @skcmcurry

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Agreed. That was an especially hackish article.…

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🌁 Come hang out with me next Friday in San Francisco:…

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Note the use of "shall" not "may"!…

1 day ago

The best way to create affordable housing is to build affordable housing. Shocking! (Wha? SFBarf is wrong?!?!)

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Early #SF voters, here's our Green Voter Guide with the reasons behind our endorsements:…

2 days ago

Just like Bernie and other Dems refuse to debate Green candidates!…

3 days ago

Tune in tonight at 8pm as we welcome @MMSFOceanBeach to discuss how we can save SF from #CityHallCorruption, #privatization & #moneyworship

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Tonight Chairwoman #ElaineBrown from the #BlackPantherParty will be speaking about #COINTELPRO at our meeting. Be there. 350 Rhode Island St

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It is beyond unacceptable that polls show 47% of voters want a 3rd party, yet 3rd party candidates are not in polls.…

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Is this what Democracy looks like?

Congratulations to the four Supervisors who thwarted the City Family's attempt to illegally fire Sheriff Mirkarimi:  Christina Olague (D5), David Campos (D9), John Avalos (D11), and Jane Kim (D6).  See the Green Party's statement on Sheriff Mirkarimi for why we think he should be allowed to serve his term.


The illustration above is from a comic created by Joe Luby, republished with permission from