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If you haven't yet made it over to see #WhatIsTheScandal? you've got one more chance to hit at the @MCCLA_Mission

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Ironing board with political content = "common household item" banned from public parks by anti-homeless laws #SF

3 days ago

Greens prevented from doing further voter outreach in Dolores Park today, based on liberal interpretation of #SF Park Codes 3.07 and 4.05.

3 days ago

With Jim and Ann and @ninaserrano34 Poets for Francisco

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.@chernandburn Not surprising in light of today's #SCOTUS decision! Big corruption stories always break when nobody's paying attention.

2 weeks ago in reply to chernandburn

Hey everyone... so there have been a few news stories to date about Mayor Ed Lee taking $20,000 in cash from an undercover federal agent.

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Happy Pride! Hope to see y'all this weekend at the Civic Center, booth D3.

2 weeks ago


Is this what Democracy looks like?

Congratulations to the four Supervisors who thwarted the City Family's attempt to illegally fire Sheriff Mirkarimi:  Christina Olague (D5), David Campos (D9), John Avalos (D11), and Jane Kim (D6).  See the Green Party's statement on Sheriff Mirkarimi for why we think he should be allowed to serve his term.


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