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"Ma'am, those are scented candles."…

22 hours ago

Condolences to Dems on the loss of their conspiracy theory. Can we finally #impeach Trump for the many crimes he ac……

1 day ago

Hope it can tunnel under the floods.…

4 days ago

Pelosi parrots line of John Bolton and Elliott Abrams. Meanwhile, where are the protests about this from her “libe……

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@dc_us If you can't eat their free lunch, drink their booze, go on their radio show, then vote against them, you've……

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Hope they self-drive the company into the ground! #deleteLyft #deleteUber…

5 days ago

Concise statement on the free market fundamentalist scheme put forward by the super-rich and their minions to corne……

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@FuckCons We've heard there's an effective vaccine against cooties, but it doesn't work on us because we once talke……

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@charliearchy Kind of a stretch to infer Holocaust denial from Baraka's comments about oil wars.

6 days ago in reply to charliearchy


Questionnaires posted for 3/14 candidate forum

The SF Green Party will host a candidate forum on Wednesday, March 14, from 6-9 pm--come ask questions to candidates in local races.  Our forum and endorsement meeting will take place in the theater on the 2nd floor of the Redstone Building, located at 2940 16th Street (between Mission and South Van Ness, 1 block from 16th St BART).  The event is open to the public and all are invited!


Please read candidates' answers to our questionnaires in advance, so we don't ask them questions they've already answered on the record


MayorAngela Alioto, London Breed, Jane Kim, Mark Leno, Amy Farah Weiss, Ellen Lee Zhou.  Michelle Bravo, Richie Greenberg, and write-in candidates did not respond to our questionnaire.


Supervisorial candidates (D8): Rafael Mandelman.  Jeff Sheehy did not respond to our questionnaire.  Another candidate did not provide contact information to the Department of Elections.