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"Darren Wilson's Testimony Reads Like Ramblings of a Paranoid White Supremacist" - #Ferguson

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St Louis County Prosecutor on the fundraising committee for Darren Wilson. #Ferguson via @brownblaze

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Sneak peek of tomorrow's New York Times.

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As usual, @sfchronicle coverage of City Family corruption is timed to guarantee it's overshadowed by other news:…

3 days ago

If/when unjust #Ferguson decision comes down today, SF protest will be at 24th/Mission at 5 pm

3 days ago

This is the piece the Daily Dot rewrote because it didn't blame tech enough…

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SFPUC will add diluted sewage and crumb rubber runoff to our Hetch Hetchy water, in response to the drought:…

4 days ago

Remember the 17th December! Chelsea Manning´s birthday!! Let her know, that she is not forgott via @chrhnk

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Legalized slavery: Yes undocumented folks, you can work in America, but don't go asking for that pesky thing called citizenship.

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So this is happening: ISIS supporters using old (Arabic subtitled) Ron Paul speeches to advocate for gold standard.

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Open Letter to the DCCC

An open letter to the San Francisco Democratic Party Central Committee, from Denise D'Anne, Green Party county council member:


The Democratic Party, at least in San Francisco, is noted for its compassion and egalitarian principles.  Recently, during the last debate between candidates Obama and Romney, Dr. Jill Stein, a Green Party presidential candidate, was not only denied entrance to the debate, but also arrested.  She was shackled to a metal chair for eight hours merely for expressing her constitutional right to be unhindered in her expression of attending a debate.  This kind of police tactic is a blemish on all of us who sit back and allow this abuse of anyone's constitutional right to peaceful free speech or association and should not be tolerated in a democratic society.  It behooves this body to express its outrage no matter who is denied their right guaranteed under our constitution and laws.

By not speaking out we give silent assent to an abuse that may come back to us in a similar fashion under different circumstances.  Please use this opportunity to write to the authorities in Hempstead, New York or Hofstra University where the debate was held on October 16.