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Amoral prop to speed up #DeathPenalty will be on #CA ballot; we've already endorsed against this and for ending it:…

5 hours ago

I think people who are viewed as movement leaders, organizers, activists, really have to stop acting like the @GreenPartyUS does not exist.

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Would be a crushing blow to CEO egos if their names weren't on all our hospitals and stuff.…

2 days ago

Dear @KTVU @HillaryClinton & @elizabethforma are not the 'first' all women ticket .. In 08 @rosaclemente @cynthiamckinney did this #fact

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Please give. This film follows my third party campaign for California governor.…

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I applaud #SCOTUS decision to uphold a woman's right to access a safe abortion. A woman's right to choose is a non-negotiable human right.

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I see a corrupt Mayor.…

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The Green Party supported gay marriage & non-discrimination @ its 1st meeting in '84. LGBTQIA rights are foundational for Greens #Pride2016

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@JeremyJots Thanks! We'll fix it.

5 days ago in reply to JeremyJots

“Some people will feel safe at Pride, but we will not” #BlackLivesMatter pulls out of #SFPride over increased police

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2012 Presidential Campaign News

News from our Presidential ticket:

Hip-Hop and the Green Party: Jared Ball and Rosa Clemente Were Right.  Shamako Noble of the Green Party and Hip-Hop Congress discusses the burgeoning relationship between the hip-hop community and the Green Party as both look to move past the rhetoric and imagery of current and past presidential/electoral politics.


Why I'm Voting Green.  Author and Activist Chris Hedges explains why he's voting for Stein/Honkala.


Voting Green in a Swing State.  B. Sidney Smith explains why he's voting for Stein/Honkala, even though he lives in the swing state of Virginia.


Jill Stein was recently arrested for bringing food and supplies to activists blocking the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas.  Articles posted on her campaign website explain why she risked arrest.


Jill Stein will be in debates the Sunday and Monday before the election; see our debate post for more details.