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Plays to right wing "blame America first" meme RT @DougHenwood What a masterpiece of twisted wording.

14 hours ago in reply to DougHenwood

US was given coordinates of hospital. Still bombed it. Told. Bombed for 30 mins more! And y'all still love Obama 😤…

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.@NoonPropF your fear-mongering is disingenuous & gross. Here's a lawyer explaning why your scare tactics are BS:…

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Thanks @PlannerWu for joining us today and sharing why we need #YesonPropF & YesonPropI

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Within 12 hours, we'd killed 9 Doctors Without Borders medics. Imagine our reaction if the Russians had done it.…

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US airstrike hits Doctor's Without Borders Hospital, kills 3, injures dozens…

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.@Ross_Mirkarimi shows cover stories to Chronicle editorial board: "oh, these are all Examiners, I'm sorry"

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The top 9 people and companies cashing in on @Airbnb's $8 million campaign…

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Sheriff Mike Hennessey who worked with all 3 candidates for SF Sheriff, endorses @Ross_Mirkarimi #RossMySheriff

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