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It's presumably the "respect" part that's difficult.…

5 hours ago

Our monthly meeting is tonight at 7. Come help us organize for our endorsed candidates!…

15 hours ago

@SF4Democracy Did you all flunk out of the Electoral College? No matter who we vote for, our votes go to Clinton.

16 hours ago in reply to SF4Democracy

@SF4Democracy How many do you know? We clearly travel in very different circles! "Nader caused Gore to lose" myth was debunked years ago.

16 hours ago in reply to SF4Democracy

As usual, the Nadering Nabobs have nothing positive to say about their candidate.…

1 day ago

The League says HELL YES on Prop D, "Let's Elect Our Elected Officials!" We even paid for an argument in favor in t……

Retweeted 2 days ago

In sum: Hill didn't KO Don, Don didn't prove his hands bigger than Hill's, & Lester Holt didn't get shot by cops…

Retweeted 2 days ago

Sadly both Trump and HRC are afraid to debate w/ 3rd Party candidates bc they would get exposed like Kid Rock at a Mensa convention

Retweeted 2 days ago

The Democratic Party will forgive anyone. Except Ralph Nader.

Retweeted 3 days ago




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