Tue, 7/29/14 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Protest Mon-Fri. Israeli Consulate in SF


Wed, 7/30/14 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Protest Mon-Fri. Israeli Consulate in SF


Thu, 7/31/14 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Protest Mon-Fri. Israeli Consulate in SF


Fri, 8/01/14 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Protest Mon-Fri. Israeli Consulate in SF


Fri, 8/01/14 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Food Not Bombs needs your help UN Plaza 7 pm

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Competing Beach Chalet measures invite voters to weigh in on their love for astroturf…

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Our first batch of endorsements for November is up on our website. More after our candidate forum on 8/27:…

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Nice profile on Susan King by @SFscribe. She has helped make @SundayStreets one of the best new events in SF!…

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Great article by @mlagos on how Sheriff @Ross_Mirkarimi protected inmates from price gouging and saved #SF money.…

4 days ago

We made our first endorsements for the November election last night; more to come next month!…

4 days ago

We've meeting tonight to go over the Nov election and make endorsements on ballot propositions; everybody welcome!…

6 days ago

It's official! Measure to keep Golden Gate Park natural grass qualifies for Nov ballot.… @SFOceanEdge @MMSFOceanBeach

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We are meeting this Wed evening to discuss and make endorsements on the 15+ initiatives on the November ballot:…

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RT @HatemBazian: SF demo is underway with thousands gathering at Justin Herman Plaza.

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@FearDept @dimagnayCNN And if they do... they get sent to S̶i̶b̶e̶r̶i̶a̶ ̶ Russia

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November 2014 endorsements

These are the endorsements we've made so far for the November election.  We'll interview candidates and make additional endorsements on both propositions and candidates at our August candidate forum and meeting (scheduled for Wed, Aug 27).


Local Props (these don't have ballot letters yet)

YES on keeping Golden Gate Park natural grass, and

NO on the proposal to allow nighttime lighting and fake turf on all parks

NO on the "transportation balance" proposal

YES on the anti-speculation real estate transfer tax


Local Candidates

We've already endorsed David Campos for Assembly and Daniel Flores for Judge, and we will interview additional candidates for local office in August.  Responses to our questionnaires will be posted here.


State Props

NO on 43 - anti-environmental water bond

NO on 44 - rainy day fund, when we should be stimulating the local economy

YES on 45 - limits on health insurance rate increases

NO on 46 - we support raising the malpractice award cap, but strongly oppose random drug testing

YES on 47 - changing some nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors

YES on 49 - statement opposing unlimited corporate bribes

June 2014 Endorsements


These are the SF Green Party Endorsements for the June 2014 election.  We are mailing the postcard below to all our members, so if you can donate to this effort please click the "Donate" link to the left.



Our complete Green Voter Guide is now posted with longer explanations for each endorsement; see below.



  • No on A, a $400 million local bond measure that claims to fund fire and police stations, but is not actually required to
  • Yes on B, the right to vote on Waterfront development that exceeds the current height limits.
  • Congress, D12 - Barry Hermanson (website)
  • State Assembly, D17 - David Campos (website)
  • Superior Court Judge, Office 20 - Daniel Flores (website)


  • Governor - Luis Rodriguez (website)
  • Lt Governor - Jena Goodman (announcement)
  • Controller - Laura Wells (website)
  • Treasurer - Ellen Brown (website)
  • Secretary of State - David Curtis (website)
  • Yes on 41, a bond measure to fund supportive housing for veterans
  • Yes on 42, a requirement for local govenments to follow open meetings and public records laws

Click below to read longer explanations for each of our endorsements:

Read more: June 2014 Endorsements

2012 KPFA endorsements

For those who are members of the community radio station KPFA, the SF Green Party has endorsed the United for Community Radio slate of candidates in the Local Station Board elections.


Your ballot is due in New York by December 11. It will be competing with holiday mail traffic to get there, so please send it now.


The UCR slate includes:


SF Green Party member (and former County Council member) Ramsés Téon Nichols.


East Bay Green Party members Larry Shoup, Samsarah Morgan, and Kate Tanaka.


Our full list of endorsed candidates includes:

Andrea Pritchett - Incumbent board member, community activist, teacher, Copwatch founder

Beth Seligman - JD, vegetarian occupier, permaculturist and writer

David Roach - Founder of Oakland International Film Festival and Mo Betta Foods

David Welsh - Labor organizer, delegate SF Labor Council, Haiti Action Committee, Occupy Oakland occupier

Karen Pickett - Environmental and community activist, writer and editor

Kate Tanaka - Incumbent board member, community activist, Green Party stalwart

Laurence Shoup- Author “Rulers and Rebels” & other books, Green Party stalwart, Longtime community and people’s movement activist

Oriana Saportas - Community & Labor activist, former KPFA Local Election Supervisor

Ramsés Téon Nichols - Organizing Committee Chair of Local SEIU 1021 and member of SF Green Party

Samsarah Morgan - Oakland Green Party, Occupy Oakland Activist, writer on birth health and family

Staff Candidates

David Landau - Co-host “Weekend News”

Joy Moore - Apprenticeship Program instructor, phone room supervisor

Frank Sterling- Board Operator, Apprenticeship Program instructor

November 2013 Endorsements

The SF Green Party has endorsed the following candidates and propositions for November 2013.  See below for longer explanations.


This month, we'll organize slate card distribution and Get Out the Vote efforts for the November election. If you can volunteer with either, please come to our meeting on Wednesday the 23rd, 7-9 pm at El CafeTazo (16th St between Valencia and Mission)! If you would like to help but can't make the meeting email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Barry Hermanson at 255-9494.


Supervisor, District 4: write in Mike Murphy (sole endorsement)

Don't forget to connect the arrow next to "write-in" as well.


Local Measures:

  • A: NO - potential raid on retiree health trust fund
  • B: NO - wall on the waterfront / more condos for millionaires
  • C: NO - (similar to B) wall on the waterfront / more condos for millionaires
  • D: YES - statement in favor of cheaper prescription drugs


Other Local Offices:

Voter Guide (detailed explanations):


Read more: November 2013 Endorsements

November 2012 Endorsements

If you're registered Green in SF, you should have received this card in the mail:

These are our endorsements for November 2012; click on them for longer explanations:


Presidential Ticket:


State Propositions

  • 30: YES - Jerry Brown Tax Plan
  • 31: NO - State Spending Cuts
  • 32: NO - Limit Political Contribution from Unions
  • 33: NO - Increase Car Insurance Rates
  • 34: YES - End Death Penalty
  • 35: NO - Misleading Human Trafficking Initiative
  • 36: YES - 3 Strikes Reform
  • 37: YES - Label GMO Foods
  • 38: NO - Munger Tax Plan
  • 39: YES - Clean Energy Jobs Act
  • 40: YES- Keep Citizen -drawn Districts


Local Measures

  • A: YES - Save City College
  • B: NO - Bond to Fund Park Privatization
  • C - did not reach consensus on supporting or opposing Housing Trust
  • D: NO - Fewer Elections
  • E: YES - Gross Receipts Tax
  • F - did not reach consensus on supporting or opposing Hetch Hetchy Study
  • G: YES - Oppose Corporate Personhood



  • D1: Eric Mar
  • D3: No endorsement
  • D5: #1 John Rizzo,
  • #2 Julian Davis, Christina Olague (dual #2)
  • D7: No endorsement
  • D9: David Campos
  • D11: John Avalos

School Board: Sandra Fewer, Kim Garcia-Meza, Gladys Soto & Shamann Walton

City College Board: Rafael Mandelman

BART Board, D9: Tom Radulovich

State Assembly, AD17: Tom Ammiano

State Assembly, SD11: Mark Leno

Congress, CD12: No endorsement

Read more: November 2012 Endorsements