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Green Party candidate sentenced for protesting oil spill. #VoteGreen…

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The Sony hack is a fascinating chance to see how media treats statements from two sources we know lie all the time: US Govt & major corps.

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@chickenjohn On Americans visiting the Castro?

2 days ago in reply to chickenjohn

.@chickenjohn Isn't the travel ban still in place?

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.@trevortimm Probably a ploy to further conflate downloading movies or online vandalism with terrorism. #Sony

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Full diplomatic relations with Cuba? Democrats need to lose more elections!

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There’s really no getting around the fact that Witness 40 in Darren Wilson grand jury obviously lied…

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SF Sup @AvalosSF wrote legislation based on the #Ferguson demands. Need people to speak tomorrow.… #BlackLivesMatter

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2012 KPFA endorsements

For those who are members of the community radio station KPFA, the SF Green Party has endorsed the United for Community Radio slate of candidates in the Local Station Board elections.


Your ballot is due in New York by December 11. It will be competing with holiday mail traffic to get there, so please send it now.


The UCR slate includes:


SF Green Party member (and former County Council member) Ramsés Téon Nichols.


East Bay Green Party members Larry Shoup, Samsarah Morgan, and Kate Tanaka.


Our full list of endorsed candidates includes:

Andrea Pritchett - Incumbent board member, community activist, teacher, Copwatch founder

Beth Seligman - JD, vegetarian occupier, permaculturist and writer

David Roach - Founder of Oakland International Film Festival and Mo Betta Foods

David Welsh - Labor organizer, delegate SF Labor Council, Haiti Action Committee, Occupy Oakland occupier

Karen Pickett - Environmental and community activist, writer and editor

Kate Tanaka - Incumbent board member, community activist, Green Party stalwart

Laurence Shoup- Author “Rulers and Rebels” & other books, Green Party stalwart, Longtime community and people’s movement activist

Oriana Saportas - Community & Labor activist, former KPFA Local Election Supervisor

Ramsés Téon Nichols - Organizing Committee Chair of Local SEIU 1021 and member of SF Green Party

Samsarah Morgan - Oakland Green Party, Occupy Oakland Activist, writer on birth health and family

Staff Candidates

David Landau - Co-host “Weekend News”

Joy Moore - Apprenticeship Program instructor, phone room supervisor

Frank Sterling- Board Operator, Apprenticeship Program instructor