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Glad that some still care about the truth when so many in the media are struggling to discredit us.…

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How often have you seen media repeat "90% of Sanders voters support Clinton"? False. Based on poll w/ false choice.…

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DNC decredentialed Bernie delegate bc "no fracking" sign made ppl feel unsafe… #DemConvention

Retweeted 11 hours ago

Jill Stein hopes frustrated Bernie Sanders supporters will join her—not Hillary Clinton.

Retweeted 11 hours ago

At #DemsInPhilly, Bernie Sanders die-hards turn to @DrJillStein — and focus on the grassroots

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Green Party’s Jill Stein needles DNC with Sanders-friendly street campaign - - @WashTimes

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Apparently nothing has been learned from the lesson of Boeddeker Park.…

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"Mummy, why did former automobile safety advocate Ralph Nader decide to ruin the 2000 election?" - my son Paprika, 3

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The San Francisco Green Party is part of a large and growing grassroots electoral movement, which is attempting to restore the democratic process and put people in office who truly are working in the best interests of the majority. Only by doing this can we solidify progress, and prevent the rollback of the gains made by society.

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