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Cue the Nadering Nabobs of Negativism.…

15 hours ago

If your candidate is a mendacious, neoliberal hawk with nothing to recommend, what to do? Demonize @DrJillStein…

Retweeted 1 day ago

How many times are these people going to write the same wrong article over and over

Retweeted 1 day ago

It's presumably the "respect" part that's difficult.…

1 day ago

Our monthly meeting is tonight at 7. Come help us organize for our endorsed candidates!…

2 days ago

@SF4Democracy Did you all flunk out of the Electoral College? No matter who we vote for, our votes go to Clinton.

2 days ago in reply to SF4Democracy

@SF4Democracy How many do you know? We clearly travel in very different circles! "Nader caused Gore to lose" myth was debunked years ago.

2 days ago in reply to SF4Democracy

As usual, the Nadering Nabobs have nothing positive to say about their candidate.…

3 days ago

The League says HELL YES on Prop D, "Let's Elect Our Elected Officials!" We even paid for an argument in favor in t……

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The San Francisco Green Party is part of a large and growing grassroots electoral movement, which is attempting to restore the democratic process and put people in office who truly are working in the best interests of the majority. Only by doing this can we solidify progress, and prevent the rollback of the gains made by society.

We are a part of the Green Party of California, which is part of the Green Party of the United States, one of many Green Parties around the world.

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