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The League says HELL YES on Prop D, "Let's Elect Our Elected Officials!" We even paid for an argument in favor in t……

Retweeted 5 hours ago

In sum: Hill didn't KO Don, Don didn't prove his hands bigger than Hill's, & Lester Holt didn't get shot by cops…

Retweeted 11 hours ago

Sadly both Trump and HRC are afraid to debate w/ 3rd Party candidates bc they would get exposed like Kid Rock at a Mensa convention

Retweeted 1 day ago

The Democratic Party will forgive anyone. Except Ralph Nader.

Retweeted 2 days ago

No wonder Obama is sending more troops to Iraq....

Retweeted 3 days ago

I'm on @FoxBusiness tonight with @ajamubaraka to talk about the #GreenNewDeal and ending systemic racism. Tune in:……

Retweeted 4 days ago

People killed by Democrats apparently don't count.…

4 days ago

Misplaced anger towards Greens; no mention of the millions who actually support Trump or aren't motivated to vote.…

5 days ago

Another reason to vote #NoOnO; don't reward this corrupt company!…

5 days ago


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