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“Can I get 2 boxes of Sudafed?” “Sorry, by law you can only buy one at a time.” “Okay then just the one box of Sudafed and these 7 guns.”

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@markasaurus We quoted the legal text that allows Lee to spend $ on uses other than what most consider "affordable housing"

3 days ago in reply to markasaurus

@markasaurus We hope you'll read our entire argument for #NoOnA, not one point limited to <140 chars:…

3 days ago in reply to markasaurus

Francisco Herrera Challenges Mayor Lee at Press Conference - El Tecolote… #SFMayor

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@TheRealWBTC We're #NoOnA because it would be a slush fund for Lee to pay off allies, not build affordable housing:…

3 days ago in reply to TheRealWBTC

Besides the fact that everyone of color on that stage is a sellout I also……

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I believe we could oust @mayoredlee if we collectively funded a #123ReplaceEdLee campaign to game the rank choice system. #SFMayor

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we are all going to vote right? Voting is important… yes let's motherfucking vote

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YouTube live stream comment v Ryan Brady "I'm voting 1-2-3 but I think I'm liking Herrera better than the others" #SfMayorDebate #SfMayor

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"Respect with what Mr. Ross Mirkarimi has done" says #sfmayor candidate @FHerreraSFMAYOR in regards to incarceration

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