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Rally today in solidarity with #NoDAPL , we #StandWithStandingRock…

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Who can beat my record of number of loops of this vine watched? Currently at 254.

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Colin Powell endorses Anthrax, to keep Ebola out of White House.…

3 days ago

Prop Q is about paying off political consultants & media. Promoting Farrell is side effect.……

3 days ago

Live now on Your Call, @RalphNader joins us. @SFGreenParty @GreenPartyUS, join the conversation.……

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@JadePraerie We didn't have anything bad to say re: Henderson; just doesn't have the good quals we noted for Hwang. Irias was out in June.

4 days ago in reply to JadePraerie

Same reason they harass us for bringing an ironing board to register voters in Dolores Park.…

4 days ago

Vote Kim Alvarenga, Francisco Herrera and Maggie De Guzman, anyone but the incompetent package of lies that is Ahsh……

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@JadePraerie We endorsed his opponent, Victor Hwang:…

4 days ago in reply to JadePraerie


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