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When the city throws away all your belongings and gives you a cot for 30 days, they call it a "resolution"

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If you'll now praise Bush, how bad will things have to get in the future for you to praise Trump? Or do you have limits?

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The city of Dickinson, Texas is requiring people applying for Hurricane Harvey aid to promise not to boycott Israel……

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Do you get it yet, progressives? The Dems don't want you.…

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It's true, folks. One has to pledge not to boycott Israel in order to get funding to rebuild your home.…

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@LondonBreedSF @savemidtown @SFCity_Hall holds meeting about demoing hundreds of homes & their Supervisor nor staff……

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Chariot is on the agenda for the SFMTA today. Demand fair market charges:…

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They still continue to spam us with ads for fake taxis, though. #deleteUber #deleteLyft…

5 days ago

#MondayMotivation Even the Hindenburg needed a spark to explode. Hillary's campaign had no spark.…

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This reminds us of the "Willie Brown endorses Bevan Dufty" signs posted by some of Eileen Hansen's dumber supporter……

6 days ago


Help grow the party in 2017!

We're starting off a summer of building the Green Party with some new literature!  The above postcard is the first of several we're printing this year to educate San Franciscans about the Green Party and what we stand for.  We're also making postcards on specific issues, such as Improved Medicare for All, Cutting the Military Budget, LGBTIQA+ rights, and local Green accomplishments.  If you're good at graphic design and want to help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This June, we'll need volunteers at both the Haight St Fair and Pride to help staff our booths, talk about Green issues, and register new Greens.  We'll focus at Haight St on building a base of volunteers who can help campaign for Single Payer Health Care (i.e., Improved Medicare for All) in California.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can volunteer.

Haight St Fair - Sun, June 11, 10 am - 6:30 pm.  Booth B19S on the south side of Haight between Ashbury & Clayton.

Pride - Sat and Sun, June 24-25, all day.  Booth C-002 on Grove near Larkin, across from the main Library.